Whether you are transitioning from our Preparatory School or joining us for the first time, you will be warmly welcomed and made to feel very much a part of the close knit St. Christopher’s Secondary School family in no time. British Curriculum, Kenyan Warmth, Christian Ethos.

Head Teacher's Introduction

At St. Christopher’s Secondary we provide a first class, independent education, which not only prepares our pupils for the internationally recognised IGCSE, A-Level and BTEC examinations, but we also pride ourselves on providing our pupils with everything they need in order to become the very best version of themselves. This unwavering commitment enables our learners to excel in whichever course they choose to chart and wherever in the world they wish to do so.


We believe that pupils should question ideas, challenge opinions and form their own identity in the process. Through inquiry-based learning, we seek to provide our pupils with the ideal platform to become forward-thinking, accomplished and confident members of society.


As well as a rigorous and dynamic academic programme, we challenge our pupils to develop as well-rounded individuals through a robust and enriching sport, music, drama and creative arts programme. It is this commitment to holistic education that truly sets St. Christopher’s pupils apart, as they go on to make purposeful and meaningful impacts on the world and the people around them.


In the Secondary School we also believe strongly in character and through our Values Based Education (VBE) programme, our pupils explore the concept that values are the guides for our thinking and behaviour. VBE allows our pupils to strengthen their compassion and also confirm their sense of global citizenship and international mindfulness.


I look forward to welcoming you to St. Christopher’s Secondary School.


Mr Joshua Gibbons
Executive Headmaster: Head of Secondary.

Scholarship Programme

St. Christopher’s International School offers a wide range of scholarships to candidates who demonstrate exceptional talent in a specific area or in multiple disciplines.

Scholarships offer candidates mentorship and enrichment opportunities as well as a tuition fee reduction of between 5% – 20% depending on the scholarship awarded and also the quality of the candidate’s application


The criteria for each category reflects St. Christopher’s commitment to a well-rounded education and asks that all scholars contribute positively to this goal by being an active member within the wider school community, both within and outside of the classroom. Scholarships are awarded for the duration of the pupil’s time at SCIS, subject to annual monitoring and review by the School of the candidate’s performance and commitment to the scholarship criteria. The Executive Headmaster has the right to withdraw a scholarship at any time if behaviour, commitment and progress are not being maintained by the candidate.


Scholarship assessment takes place throughout the academic year, before a pupil joins the School. Applications should be supported by the pupil’s current Head of School or by the appropriate Head of Department for specific discipline scholarships.


Application forms are available from the Secondary Admin Office, via [email protected] A non-refundable assessment fee of 3,000Kes is required for all applicants.


All decisions on the outcome of these assessment are final and rest solely with the Executive Headmaster.

Academic Structure

At St. Christopher’s Secondary, the Core knowledge sequence provides the foundation for the curriculum, which ensures that all pupils in KS3 (Years 7 – 9) & KS4 (Years 10 -11) learn a coherent and unified body of knowledge and academic skills.

Year 7 - Year 9

Keystage 3

Pupils follow the general Cambridge programme. They study a wide range of subjects (14) that includes, Maths, English, Science, Languages, The Arts, Sport and Humanities. Each year, pupils build on skills and knowledge with the aim of providing a solid foundation for KS4. An end of Key Stage 3 examination is taken at this point, alongside GL progress assessments (English, Maths & Science) at the end of every year.

Year 10 and 11

Keystage 4

In Year 10, pupils start to prepare for their IGCSE examinations. Maths, English, Literature, Biology and Geography are compulsory. Other subjects are chosen from a range of 21 subject options. Help and support is offered with this important decision and pupils are encouraged to think about their choices in the context of possible A levels or further education. IGCSE and GCSE examinations are mostly taken at the end of Year 11.

Year 12 and 13

Keystage 5

Pupils follow a challenging college-preparatory curriculum. There are three routes through the Sixth Form at St. Christopher’s:
  • A Level Route (A) In order to study on the A Level route, pupils must first meet our general requirement of 5 GCSEs grades including in English. The majority of the A Levels that we offer require that the pupils obtains a grade B, or above, in the subject (or related subject) at GCSE in order to study it at A Level
  • A Level, BTEC Route (AB) In order to study on the AB route, pupils must first meet our general requirement of 5 GCSEs grades including a grade B or above in English. The majority of the A Levels that we offer require that the pupil has obtained a grade B, or above, in the subject at GCSE in order to study it at A Level and a grade C, or above, for any subject that they wish to study at BTEC Standard Level.
  • BTEC Route In order to study the BTEC route , pupils must first meet our general requirement of 5 GCSEs grades including a grade B or above in English and a grade C, or above, for any subject that they wish to study at BTEC Level. (BTEC : – IT – SPORT – BUSINESS) All individual academic advice is extended to the pupils and they receive extensive college (university) counselling throughout.

2021 - 2022 Examination Results

Our IGCSE and A Level candidates once again achieved an amazing set of results with 80% of our GCSE cohort achieving at least five credit passes (A*- C), with many pupils achieving A* – A (18%) and B (23%). As a non-selective school we are thrilled that our pupils continue to achieve great success as they prepare for life after school.


A* - B 41%
A* - C 80%


A* - B 40%
A* - D 80%

2020 - 2021 Examination Results

In the 2020 – 2021 IGCSE, A Level and BTEC exam series our candidates achieved outstanding results in spite of the prevailing pandemic. Of all grades awarded to St. Christopher’s pupils our candidates achieved;


A* - B 55%
A* - C 78%


A* - C/Distinction – Pass 84%

Admission Procedure

Whether you are joining us as a day pupil, full time boarder or weekly boarder, our Admission Team is ready to assist you as you begin your St. Christopher’s journey.

We accept applications for all pupils from all over the world and at any stage of their educational journey. Our Admission Team will be happy to book you in for a tour of the school and provide you with any information you may need.

Please feel free to contact a member of the Admissions Team should you have any questions or fill in the enquiry form below

Email: [email protected]  

Admission Inquiry Form

St. Christopher's Secondary Community

Extra Curricular

Extra curricular clubs and activities play an essential role in the life of the School. These are optional and often age specific. Pupils are encouraged to involve themselves as much as possible in these activities.


These include: Hockey, Football, Rounders, Athletics, Basketball, Rugby, Volleyball, Swimming and Cross Country.

Site and Grounds

With access to world class facilities we offer our students the opportunities to deepen their understanding, challenge opinions and therefore widen their horizons as they prepare for the world that awaits them when they leave school.