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A leading day and boarding coeducational school from Kindergarten to Year 13.

Executive Head Teacher's Introduction

The character of a school can never fully be captured in a Head’s address. Its true identity is defined by the people that fill it, the experiences they share and the impacts its pupils go on to make when they depart and enter the world. It is my hope however that this will give you a flavour for who we are at St. Christopher’s and offer a glimpse into this wonderful and unique home of British education and Kenyan warmth.


At St. Christopher’s we believe that a broad and balanced curriculum is essential as pupils move through their school life. One that is grounded in Christian ethos and is pupil centred, value-based and driven forward by pupils making sense of the world they live in and also their place within it; developing a passion for learning rather than a need to simply acquire and recite facts.

With access to world-class facilities and inspiring educators, we offer our pupils the opportunities to deepen their understanding, challenge opinions and in doing so widen their horizons as they prepare for the world that awaits them when they leave school; allowing them to feel unique, yet very much a part of a special St. Christopher’s family.


At the forefront of our pupil-centred approach is an environment which is inquiry-led and aims to provide our learners with the ‘Big Picture’, making their learning experiences meaningful as we grow their international mindfulness and understanding of the world.


Our teachers challenge our pupils to become the very best versions of themselves, prepared to enter the world as truly global citizens; with faith, respect, empathy and compassion.


I look forward to welcoming you in person and showing you more of this wonderful and vibrant learning institution.


Mr. Joshua Gibbons,
Executive Headmaster

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School Governance

The school is governed by a Board which consists of members of the Ngini family and the headmaster, meets approximately 8 times a year and also incorporates a number of subcommittees in crucial areas of school operations.

Day to Day operational management of the School is the full responsibility of the Senior Management Team, which comprises the Executive Headmaster, the Head Teachers, the Deputy Heads and the School Bursar/Director of Business Administration, Jean Kamau.

The school operates an “open door” policy i.e., if you have any concerns or queries then, please approach the relevant member of staff through the Headmaster’s PA at [email protected] 



To Challenge each pupil to attain excellence in every aspect of life in a loving and caring environment.


To transform the future by holistically equipping the pupil to embrace their faith and purpose.

Core Values

  • Creating a firm foundation for each pupil as they embark on their educational journey.
  • Ensuring an intellectually stimulating and challenging educational environment.
  • Encouraging each pupil to uphold the values of respect and duty to self, family and community irrespective of creed, ability or background guided by Christian principles.

Board of Directors

Mrs. Leah Ngini

Chair of the Board of Directors – Owner

Jean Kamau st christopher's schools nairobi kenya

Mrs. Jean Kamau


Mrs. Carolla Ohaga


Welcome to St Christopher’s.  When I took over the Kindergarten in 1985, I had not envisioned how far this wonderful venture would go.  Beginning with the Kindergarten, opening the doors of the Preparatory in 1987 and founding the Secondary in 1992 the journey has been a real rollercoaster ride, exciting and exhilarating.


I am a teacher and a teacher-trainer.  That statement alone should highlight to you how much I love teaching.  It is wonderful being able to watch a child grow from struggling to learn new concepts to watching them execute their new found knowledge with pride and competence.  There is a real feeling of satisfaction in seeing the child grow and mature not just in body and mind, but also in soul and spirit.


Our vision is to challenge each pupil to attain excellence in every aspect of life in a loving and caring environment.  Loving gives a child a sense of belonging.  Caring gives the child a sense of confidence.  The British curriculum is a stable, globally recognized brand that would be easy to train and transition local teachers to understanding and disseminating with excellence for the children.  Teaching British curriculum while experiencing Kenyan warmth, both literally and figuratively, is our winning combination.

We cannot forget that it is God who strengthens us and gives us purpose.  He is an important part of the ethos in St Christopher’s and we have great faith that He will continue to see us through each day.  I look forward to meeting you along the corridors of St Christopher’s and being able to watch your child grow into the very best versions of themselves.


Peace be with you,


Mrs. Leah Ngini.

Leadership Team

Joshua Gibbons Executive Head St Christopher's School Nairobi

Mr. Joshua Gibbons

Executive Head

Mr. Gibbons first trained as a teacher at the University of Sydney in Australia. He graduated with a Bachelor of Education in Human Movement & Health Education and after relocating to the U.K, ….more

Rosemary Kariuki Senior Deputy Head St. Christopher's Schools

Mrs. Rosemary Kariuki

 Senior Deputy Head

Mrs Rosemary Kariuki has over 20 years experience in the teaching of English Language,Literature and ESL.

Her love for teaching starts …more

Ms. Anne C. Khaimia Head, st christopher's Preparatory

Ms. Anne C. Khaimia

Head, Preparatory

Holds two degrees in the field of Education; Bachelor of Philosophy in Education (BPhil. Ed) from The University of Warwick and Bachelor of Education Arts in English and Literature (B.Ed. Arts) from ….more

Christine Mungai Head, St Christophers Kindergarten

Ms. Christine Mungai

Head, Kindergarten

I believe that as an early childhood educator I am responsible for providing toddlers and young children with positive learning experiences. I strive to model respect, ….more

Senior Management Team

Mr. Henry Oboo

Deputy Academics (Secondary)

Mr. Kenny Andola

 Deputy Pastoral (Secondary)

Amos Mbasu- Prep School Deputy Head Academics St. Christopher's Schools

Mr. Amos Mbasu

Deputy Head Academic (Preparatory),

Irene Kamau- Prep School Deputy Head Pastoral St. Christopher's Schools

Mrs. Irene Kamau

Deputy Head Pastoral (Preparatory)

Dorcas Maweu_ EYFS & KS 1 Key Stage Coordinator st christophers nairobi

Ms. Dorcas Maweu

Key Stage 1 Coordinator (Kindergarten)


St. Christopher’s International School has huge Alumni spread right across Kenya and stretching right across the globe. Many of our Alumni have become hugely successful leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs in their own right. Our Alumni programme seeks to connect former pupils over the age of 25 who studied and graduated from our Secondary School.